LISTEN: First Releases By First Terrace Records

Brand new London-based industrial/drone label First Terrace Records is due to issue its first cassette compilation. Each tape comes housed in a custom embossed First Terrace box, plus a zine and a hand stamped print by artist Francesca Pappacoda. Check out a sneak preview of the entire compilation below:

The label’s first compilation should give you an idea of what they’re all about. Featuring tracks from Talons bass player Lucre, Japanese noise artist Afasia Yuri, ambient producer Specimens, amongst others. You can order the beautifully housed Cassette HERE

Additionally, the label is soon releasing Specimens’ first LP (mastered by none other than Lawrence English). Both the tape and LP releases are being celebrated tonight in Lewisham Arthouse in South London. Check out another sneak preview of a track from Specimens’ excellent LP, titled ‘Touch’. You can pre-order the LP HERE


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