WATCH: New Video from Dino Spiluttini

A new cassette from Viennese happy/sad man Dino Spiluttini is part of an upcoming batch by the greatest tape label in Denmark, Phinery. Alongside the likes of Portland’s Pulse Emitter, and French artist Thomas Pujols’ solo project Nebulo, Dino’s latest opus titled I Do not Want what Heaven Gave Me picks up where his two cavernously beautiful processed piano soundscape albums from 2015 left off. To celebrate the imminent release, Dino posted a video for I Do not Want what Heaven Gave Me’s opening  track: ‘Praise’.

The self-directed video lilts in monochrome between writhing bedsheet ghosts, lonely seas, and abandoned forests. It is as fitting as any for the artist’s most emotionally mature – and probably best – release under his own name to date.


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