Spool’s Out Radio #82: New Directions in Tape Acid

In the first year-in-review show looking back on 2016, we check out the new wave of Acid House and Acid Techno influenced releases which gradually littered the tape-sphere in 2016.

email // tristan@spools-out.com
tweet // @SplsOut


  1. AftawerksFTL (Fast Mix) (Acid Waxa)
  2. IsabellaIncessant (Embalming Lately)
  3. Graham DunningCyclops Acid (with Justin Paton) (Seagrave)
  4. AcidlinerAcid Church, Side Two
  5. Pearl River SoundEseacid2 (Seagrave)
  6. LNSMinas (1080p)
  7. Benito & Birdy EarnsAssacide (Hylé Tapes)
  8. Aphex Twin2X202-ST5 (Warp)
  9. L. PearsonStone Circles, Side A (Cong Burn Tapes)
  10. 801383Intake, Richmond
  11. ChevronBattersea Acid (Acid Waxa)
  12. Yung AcidSonic (Opal Tapes)
  13. AAIIEENNSimplex (FALK)
  14. Roy Of The RaversLive At The Font, excerpt (Acid Waxa)
  15. Mike & Rich Vodka (Mix 2) (Planet Mu)

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