Spool’s Out Radio #83: 2016 Auto-Reverse

We asked some of the many artists, labels, and journalists that make the cassette tape scene the thriving – and friendly – bed of activity it is to pick one of their favourite cassettes of 2016.

Including choices by Graham Dunning, Marc Masters, Dan Hayhurst, Sophie Cooper, and loads more…

In light of the increasingly recent tragic events in Oakland, California, we would ask anybody to consider contributing to this relief fund, and encourage all DIY artists to consider the safety of their venues. Above all, legitimate venue owners should consider making access to their stages easier – what is simply an empty day in your venue’s schedule could mean the world to a performer.

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  1. Marlo Eggplant chooses ‘Specific Heat‘ by Embla Quickbeam & Graham Dunning via Third Kind Records
  2. Graham Dunning chooses ‘Alter Boy‘ by Áine O’Dwyer via Fort Evil Fruit
  3. Nicholas Langley (Third Kind Records) chooses ‘Dance‘ by NV via Orange Milk
  4. Kevin Cahill (Power Moves Library) chooses ‘Stink‘ by Chik White
  5. Natalia Beylis (Woven Skull / Sofia Records) chooses ‘Zvut‘ by Kot Kot via Feathered Coyote
  6. Daryl Worthington (Beachers / Bezirk) chooses ‘Oval‘ by Graham Dunning & Colin Webster via Tombed Visions
  7. Roslyn Steer (KantCope) chooses ‘The Shape You’re In‘ by Fuzzy Hell via Sofia Records
  8. Robert Skrzyński (Micromelancolié) chooses ‘Przeżycia‘ by Zaumne via label.magia
  9. Gábor Kovács (Új BálaCéh) chooses ‘polonium84‘ by Fad via Orange Milk
  10. Marc Masters chooses ‘Abstracting Grace, Part V‘ by Mike Shiflet via Scioto Records
  11. Dan Hayhurst (Sculpture) chooses ‘Compact Rhythem‘ by Graham Dunning via Seagrave
  12. Dennis Tyfus (Ultra Eczema / Vom Grill) chooses ‘Awakening In The Mud‘ by W. Ravenveer via Lal Lal Lal
  13. Karl Fousek chooses ‘X3n)f)i1‘ by Belarisk via Moss Archive
  14. Aidan from Bandcloud chooses ‘V I S C 0 1‘ by Christoph De Babalon & Nina
  15. Michał from czaszka (rec.) chooses ‘Bloodclart‘ by Ondness via Seagrave
  16. Noel Meek (End Of The Alphabet) chooses ‘Jasmine‘ by SunPath via Leaving Records
  17. Jay Glass Dubs chooses ‘Wounded Twenty Ten‘ by Missing Organs
  18. Gregg Skloff (And Otherness) chooses ‘Be Limpid‘ by IFSH via big ear tapes
  19. Paul of We Need No Swords chooses ‘Orienting Response‘ by Sarah Hennies & Cristián Alvear via mappa
  20. Steve Strode (Cruel Nature Records) chooses ‘Don’t Stall Your Car‘ by Beige Palace via Cave of Roses
  21. Sophie Cooper chooses ‘The Whales Have Information We Don’t‘ by Kelly Jayne Jones from Dream Recall via Winebox Press

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