LISTEN: New Gnar Hest on Extreme Ultimate

Matthew Loveridge is a one man musical army. The variously Bristol- and Glasgow-based artist has been almost offensively prolific both as a solo musician and as a (now ex) member of bands such as Westcountry motorik gods Beak>, defunct epic rockers Crippled Black Phoenix.

As a solo artist he’s helmed various projects such as the aleatory Team Brick, noisescapes of MXLX, and actual (admittedly still often strange) songs as Fairhorns to name but a few. Together they form his mythological musical organisation THE CROATOA INSTITUTE. You can read a thorough investigation of his many identities via this brilliant article by Matt Evans at The Quietus.

Finally receiving a cassette tape release via the brilliant Extreme Ultimate label, Zerotone Hologram is an album of manic digital compositions, completed under the name of Gnar Hest. Matt explained the project to tQ thusly:

Gnar Hest started pissed at 4 AM on holiday with my parents in Devon, pretty much by accident… I staggered back and wrote that first chord sequence and passed out – when I woke up it was still there […] Everything Gnar Hest is entirely digital, programmed in note-by-note, nothing live at all. I don’t even have a MIDI keyboard so it’s all written in by hand.”

The project is an aptly euphoric mess of electronics, potentially sounding more like a trip into Matt’s head than anything else he’s done. Long passages are sodden with synthetic beauty – while others jump around manically. Extreme Ultimate hit the hammer on the head when they cite µ-Ziq and Aphex Twin as references, or suggest you “imagine Mozart riding a light cycle in Tron”.

Check out an exclusive stream below, or visit to pre-order a cassette.


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