LISTEN: acid beats from Basic Vanilla

As half of Necro Deathmort, Matthew Rozeik has crafted music that’s veered between cosmic Carpenter synthscapes and outright metal, but his new solo project Basic Vanilla sees the man’s music finally coalesce into some proper acid bangers.

The project’s first release via cassette on Extreme Ultimate alots bleeps and beats into six intensely pleasing tracks of simmering arpeggiation and kick drums. Aptly, Rozeik suggests Surgeon and Regis as influences, although Basic Vanilla never goes quite so hard, electing rather to creep under your skin with long doses of Detroit-ian minimalism and spaced out wasteland clangs.

Also worth noting, this album features a tune called “Beach Cunt“.

Check out an exclusive stream of The Nineteen Nineties below, or visit to buy a cassette.


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