Spool’s Out Radio #85: Never Anything Records

Welcome back y’all! Now that 2016 rendered reality thoroughly dissatisfactory, we’ve decided to start 2017 as far away from it as possible. Our saviours this week come in the form of Portland, Oregon tape label and aficionados-of-the-absurd Never Anything Records. They’ve already amassed an enviable array of weirdos and musicmakers – see the full playlist below, and allow them to introduce themselves within the megabytes of today’s show…

email // tristan@spools-out.com
tweet // @SplsOut




  1. Charles Barabé – A
  2. Flower Orgy – Sleep
  3. Flower Orgy – Brandon
  4. Philippe Vandal – L’Action (Première partie)
  5. Hazy Montagne Mystique – chuchotements grandioses à gabrielle (me float)
  6. Mortuus Auris & the Black Hand – A Grave Amongst the Spheres
  7. Coin Locker Kid – Begotten _ (discordia).
  8. Bret Schneider – Untitled 13h42m02s
  9. Peter Kris – Recognized Face
  10. Braeyden Jae – The Hand that is Clenched
  11. Lustana – There’s a Reason
  12. Tereshkova – Hawaii
  13. More Eaze – sm00f
  14. Lisa Sonoda – Do you want to find Out
  15. Dave Swensen – Pain Mask
  16. Demonstration Synthesis – Tone Zone

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