Spool’s Out Radio #86: Ma Vie

A week of new and recent tape releases, veering into noisy beats, acid trip songwriting, epic ambience, Hungarian techno, and motorik franco-rock. nb. artwork above by Elena Zago

email // tristan@spools-out.com
tweet // @SplsOut


  1. Bary CenterLeech Therapy (New Body Tapes)
  2. CaligoMa Vie (Sama Recordings)
  3. Samara LubelskiLet It Fly (Drawing Room Records)
  4. Marlo EggplantCautionary (Fractal Meat Cuts)
  5. Nicholas Langley –  Yellow, Green, Silver (Entertainment Systems)
  6. MJ LalloShaman’s Dance (Full Spectrum Records)
  7. Queen KopetzkyLeil (Fort Evil Fruit)
  8. A i w a – casual walk (Always Human Tapes)
  9. Caudal – Slope (Land Animal Tapes)
  10. Philippe Lamy & MonoLoguePrime parole, Dernière Pensée (Phinery)
  11. Dino SpiluttiniPrayer / Mass (Phinery)
  12. Pointe du LacThe Rhythmatic Express #8  (Hylé Tapes)

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