PRESENTING: Spool’s Out’s First Compilation

After a suggestion from tape guru, Third Kind Records head, and all around good guy Nicholas Langley, the first of a series of digital compilations compiled from the tape labels and artists that make up the Spool’s Out community was born. I went about gathering some exclusive tracks, live recordings, and rarities, and was blown away by the sheer number of submissions I received.


After a couple of months sifting through the submissions, I present Spool’s Out Vol. 1: n o w > e v e r. Initially the compilations are digital releases via our sister label Bezirk, but if funds improve, a tape edition could be on the cards. It is designed as a ‘digital C120’.

I can only hope the thing is a fitting tribute to the community its capturing. Noise, beats, warm synths, garage jams, freakouts, zither improv – it’s all in there!

A few specific bits of thanks to:

  • Blue Tapes & X-Ray Records for recording Trupa Trupa live at Cafe Oto
  • TALsounds and Stuart Chalmers both for recording live sessions which are perhaps the highlights of the whole collection.
  • Dimitris Papadatos (The Hydra), the Cahill Brothers (East Of The Valley Blues), Roslyn Steer, and Noel Meek for their positivity and enthusiastic support.
  • Aidan Hanratty and Paul Margree for being a cool mf’ers

Go fetch your copy via Bandcamp

Cover photograph taken at the Ethnographic Museum, Belgrade


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