Spool’s Out Radio #88: Always Human Tapes

Always Human Tapes is a tape label based in the USA run by producers Ryan Wurst, Peter Lansky (aka TML), and Heckadecimal. The three label runners gather their thoughts for an introduction to the label, giving us a primer on their philosophy and back catalogue of future electronics.

email // tristan@spools-out.com
tweet // @SplsOut

Peter Picks:

1. bloempotHanged On Adansonia Grandidieri
2. Jason TibiThreat
3. bergsonistDehumanization Of The Human Spirit

Josh Picks

1. Bankie PhonesSword Business (side 2 excerpt)
2. Singing In the BrainApparat
3. EECEEPatience

Ryan Picks

1. ChaperoneI think we should go home
2. Hitoshi KojimaJust Below
3. Strahinja ArbutinaDrillin’
4. SZCHtouch a stranga


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