Spool’s Out Radio #93: Proto Sites

Proto Sites is a tape label from Bratislava & London issuing far out zones of experimental techno, and previously featuring releases from the likes of S Olbricht and EGA. This week, Proto Sites treats us to a mix detailing the type of sounds they dig, including jagged beats and wonky productions from Blood Room, M.E.S.H., and Co La.

email // tristan@spools-out.com
tweet // @SplsOut

Pre-Playlist Warm Up:

  1. Ondrej Zajac – Caramel (ACR)
  2. Die Neuen IBM – Berliner Klassik 2 (Midnight Circles)
  3. Andrew Wasylyk – Drift (Tape Club Records)
  4. Modo Koagan – New Growth I (Orb Tapes)


Proto Sites’ Mix Playlist:

  1. Second Woman – 400425c (Spectrum Spools)

  2. Foundling – Plasma (forthcoming videogamemusic)

  3. Jake Marshall (forthcoming Proto Sites)

  4. E07

  5. BIOS – Tremolite (Exitab)

  6. Sound Sleep – Bianco (Exitab)

  7. HEROINY – Maybe Not (DUNNO)

  8. Shu De – Buura

  9. Blood Room w/ TANS – This Got Boom (feat. Sensational’) (forthcoming Proto Sites)

  10. Co La – Crank (Software)

  11. M.E.S.H. – Scythians (Lotic remix) (PAN)

  12. KABLAM – Arch (Janus)

  13. Nico – Janitor of Lunacy

  14. Inconsolable Ghost (forthcoming Proto Sites)



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