Spool’s Out Radio #94: Inevitable Decay

This week’s episode focuses on artists utilising tape manipulations to make the music itself – including tape loops, grainy magnetic tape decay sounds, tape montage, time-stretching, physical interjections, and live sampling.

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  1. AmuletsInfinity Times Side B
  2. C. Reider – Chew Cinders 1 (Midnight Circles)
  3. Mukqs – Girls Fruit Detox (Umor Rex)
  4. Daniel Ditlevson & Ariana RobinCivil:Light:Pulse
  5. Danny Clay & Greg GorlenBirch VI (Midnight Circles)
  6. Derek BaronIglesia de Nuestra Señora de Fatima (Power Moves Library)
  7. NebuloRush (Stomoxine)
  8. Lenhart Tapes – Tape Improvisation for E-bow and Gusle (cut from NRBG)
  9. Nate Scheiblemodulus of rupture (ACR)
  10. SculptureFashion Talk (Phinery)
  11. Valerio Tricoli – Hic Labor Ille Domus et Inextricabilis (PAN)
  12. Stuart ChalmersHarbinger (Invisible City Records)
  13. Form a Log – Badge (Hausu Mountain)
  14. Lenhart TapesTape Improvisation from Bratislava pt. 1
  15. Me, Claudius – Heartbreaking Shuffle And Statuesque (Dinzu Artefacts)
  16. Monte BurrowsSilhouettes 1-5 (Wounded Knife)

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