Spool’s Out Radio #96: What is German Army?

Since 2011 a mysterious Californian outfit by the name of German Army has been releasing tape after tape after LP after CD-R on labels the world over. Uniquely prolific, and consistently satisfying, their music is awash with echo effects, industrial drum machine rhythms, squalling noise, and downright poppy vocal hooks. In addition to the main vehicle of German Army, core member Peter Kris and his many delphic bandmates have a variety of side projects, from the more minimal Q///Q, to the more vocal driven Merx, Peter Kris‘ lusher solo music, and rugged punk inspired project Final Cop.

This week we pick a bunch of classics from the fast growing German Army and friends discography, and even get a murky haunted interview with the Army itself…

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  1. German Army – Stone Walls (Beläten)
  2. German Army – Word of Caution / Romantic Deceptions (Dub Ditch Picnic)
  3. German Army – Translate Person (Clan Destine Records)
  4. German Army – Seventh Error (Opal Tapes)
  5. German Army – Gujarat (Cønjuntø Vacíø)
  6. German Army – Pixel Palace (Altered States)
  7. Interview with German Army
  8. German Army – Tom Fripp (Phinery)
  9. Final Cop – Bison (J & C Tapes)
  10. Q///Q – A Savage Male (Entertainment Systems)
  11. Peter Kris – Evening Grey (Never Anything Records)
  12. Merx – Death Mouth (Skrot Up)
  13. German Army – Sink into Behavior (Sacred Phrases)
  14. German Army – Castle Hill Enclosed (Luce Sie)
  15. German Army – Kazbegi (OTA)
  16. German Army – Property Rights (Opal Tapes)
  17. German Army – Natchez (Phinery)

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