Spool’s Out Radio #97: Lillerne Tapes

  • Lillerne Tapes began in 2007 in Lawrence, Kansas as a means of distributing the music of close peers and friends.
  • Lillerne is interested in highlighting outsider artists, musicians and musical acts, and documenting important moments onto my favorite aging medium of musical reproduction.
  • The music on Lillerne is beautiful.
  • This week’s episode of Spool’s Out features a mix of blissful music, made by Lillerne Tapes.
  • Visit lillernetapes.com for more information

email // tristan@spools-out.com
tweet // @SplsOut

Preplay Track: Iku – Fugue, Side A excerpt (upcoming on Genot Centre)

Lillerne Tapes Mix Playlist:

  1. Rhucle “Rusty Bell” (Tint, Lillerne 2017)
  2. Location Services “In Passing” (In Passing, Beer on the Rug 2016)
  3. H. Takahashi “4” (人間の機能を助ける音楽 (split with Bastian Void), birdFriend 2016)
  4. m doo “fit” (id static, Angoisse 2017)
  5. Clearing (Excerpt from Moonbath, Lillerne 2017)
  6. uon “J” (self-released 2017)
  7. Boliden “Nature Traces” (Landscape and Memory, Oxtail Recordings 2016)
  8. Beta Librae “Sea Dune” (s/t, Lillerne, 2016)
  9. Somber “Ghosts” (split with Maverick, Tandem Tapes, 2016)
  10. Hybrid Palms “Delta Lines” (Soft Motions, Lillerne 2017)
  11. Sarah Davachi “Feeler” (Dominions, JAZ Records 2016)
  12. Forest Management “Love Within Reach” (Delicate, self-released 2016)

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