Spool’s Out Radio #98: Heavy Layers

This week’s show is a straight up shot of the latest and greatest experimental, ambient, noisy, and Sophie Cooper-infused tapes in my busy inbox. Includes gamelan-esque chants, lush mellotron textures, distorted heavy jungle, plus more…

email // tristan@spools-out.com
tweet // @SplsOut


  1. Laurie TompkinsGen (Sacred Tapes)
  2. Sam EdwardsMNFN #001, Side B (More News From Nowhere)
  3. Sophie Cooper & Julian BradleyThe Body (Front & Follow)
  4. EP640001 (Pale Master)
  5. JCHEAVY_LAYERS_0.5.wav, Partition 4 (Pale Master)
  6. Sofia OzdravovnaEden In Transition (Audio. Visuals. Atmosphere.)
  7. JESSOP&CO. – Disloged Part IV (czaszka rec.)
  8. Fordell Research UnitThere Is An Emptiness In Us All (Invisible City)
  9. Curved LightHyperreal (Field Hymns)
  10. Skip Club Orchestragroove 3.1 (Outlines)
  11. TereshkovaLanguor (Always Human Tapes)
  12. IkuFugue, Side B (Genot Centre)
  13. FischerleCoup de grâce (czaska rec.)
  14. Laurie TompkinsA (Sacred Tapes)
  15. Former SelvesThe Heart Wants (Geology Records)

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