Spool’s Out Radio #102: Ondness

Ondness is the project of Portuguese artist Bruno Silva, this week we speak to him about how he makes his indescribable collage music, plus touch on the stellar underground music scene in Portugal. The second half of the show is special sound mix by Ondness titled why did the tiger get lost? 

email // tristan@spools-out.com
tweet // @SplsOut

OndnessCurfew (Where to Now?)
Red TrioMunich 2 (Astral Spirits)
Lopness – Untitled (forthcoming czaszka rec)

Ondness Guest Mix: why did the tiger get lost?

Notes on the mix: CCTV and mirrored realities as ghostly facsimiles of this urban landscape. gateways and black magikal arts as a core phenomena among the capitalist powers of oppression.



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