Spool’s Out Radio #104: Midnight Circles

Midnight Circles is a self-described “Xerox cassette label from Germany with a focus on sound and occasional music”. Since 2014, the imprint has issued a slew of monochromatic fringe sound experiments. This week they’ve provided a mix of picks from their catalogue, old, new, and upcoming, to give you a peek into their bleak yet compelling sound world.

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00:00 – Ave Eva: Owyhee (Panamint C-40)
02:20 – C. Reider: Chew Cinders 1 (Chew Cinders C-26)
06:13 – Yuma Takeshita: Machine Crisis (Mechanization C-44, upcoming early May)
09:13 – Gregory Talbot: Marble Machines (Recordings On An Empty Stomach C-60, upcoming early May)
14:39 – Sergey Kostyrko & Alexander Zaitsev: P’*P“ (Spiegel, C-60, upcoming early May)
21:00 – Escape Hatch: Junk Shop (Dream Tour Split CD-R with Matching Colors)
24:50 – Chemiefaserwerk: Idatec A (Idatec C-30)
30:58 – Jøn Liefhold: Argusterfelder A (Argusterfelder A-C) + My ramblings
36:54 – Sindre Bjerga: Mimesis (Midnight Camouflage C-40)
40:20 – Danny Clay & Greg Gorlen: Birch II (Birch C-30)
45:47 – Matching Colors: Volatil 1 (Volatil C-30)
48:50 – Catalan Coast: Catalan Coast (Catalan Coast C-32)

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