Spool’s Out Radio #108: My Schizoid Postbox

This week’s episode is an intense mix assembled from the tapes bugging my postbox and confusing the postman over the last few weeks, plus a few extras thrown in from recent times. Includes Baltimore’s finest Horse Lords, Aussie sound collector Kate Carr, Polish double bass improv from 3FoNIA, Niger Tuareg rock from TisDass, Basic House smushed up against Money and Hans Appelqvist and LOTS more all jump cut together lazily.

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tweet // @SplsOut

Michael Foster & Ben Bennett – a griffin, dip my phone in it (Astral Spirits)
Maciej Maciagowski – Pomeranian (Baba Vanga)
Colin Andrew Sheffield & James Eck Rippie – Polarities, Side B (Tanuki Records)
Fauxe – Gaut (Chinabot)
Monologue – SILENZIO (Hylé Tapes)
Basic House – Cue 2 (Opal Tapes)
Money – QTT3MONEY (Quiet Time)
Hans Appelqvist – SWIMMING POOL (Orange Milk)
Kate Carr – Wind Turbine Recorded in Vase, Velez Blanco, Spain (The Helen Scarsdale Agency)
Suburban Cracked Collective – Pineal Dreams (chemical imbalance)
Splice Girls – *Takes Two* (Suite 309)
Seth Graham – Who put the colors in the rainbow? – Brazilian Janitor (Los Discos Enfantasmes)
TisDass – Ayatma (Sahel Sounds)
3FoNIA – Mneme 2 (Pawlacz Perski)
Zaumne – Faluje kiedy patrzysz (label.MAGIA)
More Eaze – f00d (Never Anything Records)
Meme Vivaldi – Are You Happy (Roof Garden Records)
Robert Slap – East Of West, Untitled 6 (Valley of the Sun)
Leaaves – Bury me at sea (Hylé Tapes)
Ian Watson – 006 ( { A N T I } )
Horse Lords / Julius Eastman – Stay on It (Northern Spy)
Max Eilbacher – 21223(5ths generator) “keyboard DUB” (NNA Tapes)
Lafidiki – Kniom Nahn (Chinabot)
The Left Outsides – Into the Deep (Eggs in Aspic)
Saguache – Tree Spring (Cabin Floor Esoterica)


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