Spool’s Out Radio #111: Me, Claudius

Me, Claudius is a musician from (rural) Hampshire, who released her debut cassette on Dinzu Artefacts earlier this year and blew all our minds with two sides of indefinable cut up rhythms and skipping CD tones recorded in a car, assisted by rapped poetry. Ahead of a new release due out via Linear Obsessional, Me, Claudius has supplied us with a mish mash of live recordings recorded at shows during this Spring, plus a live version of her Birdworld trilogy, getting the studio treatment soon via Linear Obsessional.

“mainly manipulated field recordings. Electronics with locally sourced pedals ha ha. Vocals live or cut up and played from tapes through effects.” etc.

email // tristan@spools-out.com
tweet // @SplsOut


This Is Where I Floated My…

Hold Your Shape, Church. You Failed Sparkling Dial.

The 100 Door Wood Dream

Free Flea (feat. John Patrick Higgins)

Keepers Of Why

The 100 Door Wood Dream (Reprise)

(from 40 minutes)
BIRDWORLD: Trilogy (live)


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