Spool’s Out Radio #112: Artificial Incantations

A week of drones and chants, covering recent tape releases from around the world. Includes Canadian ambience, Chinese noise, and a new track by Bridget Hayden.

email // tristan@spools-out.com
tweet // @SplsOut


  1. Nate Scheibleafter work on monday afternoon (ACR)
  2. 2ndSunTotem Spire (Blue Tapes)
  3. Rosemary ❤’s a BlackberryPlay or Pay (Anti-Ghost Moon Ray)
  4. Bernholz58 (Anti-Ghost Moon Ray)
  5. Bridget HaydenIncantations From Yin Valley, Side Two Excerpt (Fort Evil Fruit)
  6. Zhao Congreel (End of the Alphabet)
  7. Eternal GarbGlass Tune (Floordoor Records)
  8. TocciSobriety (Human Pitch)
  9. Chad MunsonTilted (Magnetic Domain)
  10. EnduranceArtificial Recess (Polar Seas Recordings)
  11. Eric ArnStanding in Motion (Feathered Coyote)
  12. Jogging HouseGondola (Seil Records)
  13. ulla – falling down (ACR)

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