LISTEN: cosmic new music from Necro Deathmort & Twenty-Three Hanging Trees

Coming out via their own Extreme Ultimate label, Necro Deathmort are issuing their third volume of archival material on tape, following last year’s spacey trip The Capsule issued on Rocket Recordings. It’s released concurrently with the second tape of ‘twilight modular synth tales’ from Xavier Watkins’ project, Twenty-Three Hanging Trees.

The appropriately titled Volume.3 fleshes out Necro Deathmort’s latest chapter heading further away from their metal roots than ever with two sides of sparse kosmische. Side A features five studio cuts from 2014-2016, brimming with spaceship bliss, while Side B is a single unedited live improvisation recorded in London. The latter is some of the most heavenly music ever compiled by the duo, as washes of gaseous synth nebulae collapse slowly from the speakers for a full 19-minutes.


Well timed and perfectly matched, Twenty-Three Hanging Trees’ Prémonitions is modular synth music for emotionally-starved cosmonauts. Less claustrophobic than his previous release on Sacred Tapes, Xavier Watkins’ forays into synthesis are patient meditations on patches that seem to consistently reach their logical conclusion. Vignettes of pulsations and slow melodies that blossom and dissipate without deploying a millisecond too much or too little.


Both releases can be found on


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