WATCH: surreal video for new Foundling

Foundling is the moniker of Jonathan George Fox, focusing on variegated forms of electronic composition. Currently based in London, his new tape for Videogamemusic was also largely written in Bratislava as well as his hometown of Sheffield. Hope Is Red/Jordan makes use a wide mix of lo-fi, noise and ambient techniques, often coating a lush melodic core with field recorded haze, or some truly mystifying post-production.

Foundling‘s created the above surreal video for the bouncy nightmarish mid-point of the record, ‘The Daughter Of A Gold Miner’. In the artist’s own words: “the video is a performance, recorded on a phone of sticking popcorn to sellotape which has been wrapped between two trees, in a garden in london.”


Tapes/digital copies of the stellar release available via videogamemusic



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