LISTEN: Leaver & blues nomad Tim Holehouse

Bulgarian drone duo Leaver (formed by Mytrip’s Angel Simitchiev and Daniel Donchov) are premiering a collab EP with British musician Tim Holehouse. Titles Before The Fire, it’s out now on tape via Bulgarian publisher Amek Collective.


Before The Fire was recorded in 2016 in London, during the only day off during Leaver & Tim Holehouse’s tour of the British Isles. Writing and recording took three hours, so the tape’s full of imperfections. Yet it sincerely capture “these precious moments” according to the trio. Tim Holehouse is going to be travelling to Bulgaria  to present the record alongside Leaver in Sofia and Pleven (check the events here).


Fans of Steve von Till and Elizabeth Anka Vajagic should find much to cling close in this music, throughout those soon-to-come long winter night. The two sidelong pieces creak through reverb-laden caverns of forlorn guitar plucks and distant, sad, and surreal folk growls.


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