WATCH: new Fire-Toolz video

Earlier this year, Fire-Toolz (aka Angel Marcloid) issued the bonkers Drip Mental via Hausu Mountain. Pitchfork aptly described it thusly: “call it vaporwave hell“. The album’s a killer mix of vapory electronics, pulsating noises, and Marcloid’s dissonant screamo angst – unique doesn’t even begin to describe it.

We’re hosting a new – and entirely bonkers – video, made “mostly from YouTube garbage” by Angel Marcloid herself. It’s Drip Mental‘s beat-heavy epic, ‘At The Pig Well Pt 2 [CODENAME_TOUCH ID]’, and it rules. Check it out below:

“The song is about exploring the beauty of and confusion involving non-monogamy/polyamory,” explains Angel Marcloid, “as well as many insecurities and dysphoric feelings associated with being a transgender girl in today’s society. It’s basically another “love and relationships” type song.”
The song also features Jill Flannigan of the brilliant Forced Into Femininity (she appears in the video at the end).
As a bonus from Angel, here are the lyrics:

I am a flower

You are a long fence
I tend to cower
Beware! A pretense
I can skate the surface of an untied shred of you in a faux leather harness
Do not pursue!
Holy shit! Now its my turn to pour the bubbling ink all over her! 
“Doused in pink bubbly bubblegum, smile with your tongue on my face”
Eye-pinned spy vs spy
Maybe forgive my ricochet
Thu vibez r dizt0rted
Do not pursue
Square off
Where is the door?
At my right hand, a very soft face
I wanna tell my supervisor about you!
I’m confident a copper mud will smear
And bits of words with some lump in their tone
Could you maybe explain?
The recluse is me
All we do now it seems these days is swim in each others palms
My ten legs stored up courage to clasp neon red structure floating in space
Always a brown recluse
Its in the leather
Hooked fingers wiggling worms galore
Open windows and doors
Thin, thin, thin

“Doused in pink bubbly bubblegum, smile with your tongue on my face”

Stay tuned too, for more soon from Fire-Toolz….


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