Spool’s Out Radio #114: Unconscious Archives Festival

This week we divert away from the cassette tape underground to preview the upcoming Unconscious Archives Festival taking part in London later this month in venues across London including Cafe Oto and Corsica Studios.

We check out some of the experimental artists exploring fringe sound art and multimedia performance coming to London for the first UA Festival, including Graham Dunning, Ewa Jutska, Benedict Drew, Leafcutter John, and more.

email // tristan@spools-out.com

tweet // @SplsOut


  1. Graham Dunning – Crude Oil
  2. Myriam Bleau – Constructivism
  3. Spatial – System I
  4. Laurie Tompkins – War
  5. Ewa Justka – Satan Is Raving
  6. Phantom Chips – i mi dragon (Live in Ann Arbor)
  7. Benedict Drew – Estuary Magic Or Commerce Sludge
  8. Mariska de Groot – Nibiru
  9. Leafcutter John – Gulps
  10. RISC (Billy Roisz & dieb13) – Birthday Boy
  11. Marta Forsberg – Disquiet (Heart)
  12. Ziur – U Feel Anything
  13. Jörg Piringer –
  14. Reni Hofmüller – Story for Pulle
  15. Yaxu – Drums

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