WATCH: Blissful visuals from SITRA

After debuting on last year’s TROJ compilation, 20-year-old Czech musician and visual artist S I T R A returns to Colour8 Records with Listen To The Wind. The five track EP is lush, gentle, and beguiling, emanating bliss every step of the way. Check out an exclusive peek at a new video for ‘Enter The Moss Garden’ from the tape, beaming pink zen imagery directly into your frontal lobe via CJ Mirra’s paradisiacal video.


Across the new EP, S I T R A focuses solely in on crafting lush naturalist soundscapes, wielding subtle field-recordings alongside colourful chiming synths and the odd tinkling bell. There’s a few prodding beats too, plus ethereal vocals appear on ‘Second Floor Apartment’ courtesy of FRAU. Picture going on a camping trip, next to a lake, in Spring, with Boards of Canada and Terry Riley in distinctly happy moods and you’re getting there.

“I created this album during one weekend when I was having a particularly bad time,” explains S I T R A. “This release is basically the opposite of what I was feeling at that time; one could even say that it was like a separate world to the one I was in.”

You can pre-order a copy of the highly recommended tape via Colour8 here


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