Spool’s Out Radio #119: MrDougDoug

MrDougDoug (aka Doug Kaplan) is a manic collagist of the highest degree. As one third of Good Willsmith (and co-owner of Hausu Mountain), today’s session from Doug marks the completion of a triumvirate alongside previous Spool’s sessions with TALsounds and Mukqs. This one however, is outright noise madness, featuring a colliding wall of laughing Jerry Garcias, and an indefatigable mash-up of YouTube clips and found American junk. Are we insane to put this on the radio? Yes.

email // tristan@spools-out.com
tweet // @SplsOut

  1. Form A LogRiff Country (Hausu Mountain)
  2. Moth CockThe Trees’ Faces Reflect Our Own (Hausu Mountain)
  3. MrDougDoug Spool’s Sesh!
  4. S I T R AEnter The Moss Garden (Colour 8)
  5. Binary DigitRide With Jeff (Opal Tapes)



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