WATCH: The Eargoggle picks bones

Brooklyn-based artist The Eargoggle is shortly dropping new album The Beautiful Creatures Really Are So Cruel, via the wonderfully erratic Very Special Recordings. We’ve nabbed a first look at the creepy video for ‘Picking My Bones’, made by Stefan Zeniuk.

Ezra Gale – VSR label head and the multi-instrumentalist singer/songwriter behind The Eargoggle – shows off his ridiculously wide range across The Beautiful Creatures Really Are So Cruel, taking in everything from surf-rock to trip-hop along the way, and recorded almost entirely on to 4-track cassette recorder. Then there’s the  bleak Lynchian jazz-folk of ‘Picking My Bones’… The track’s built around Gale’s numble double bass playing (which he once upon a time lent to Yusef Lateef amongst many others), his pained singing weaving a damn sad tale in the space above, nonetheless teeming with veiled menace.

If you’re looking for something to drop besides the Monster Mash this Halloween, consider giving The Eargoggle a spin at your local party – then head over to Very Special Recordings’ Bandcamp page and order your copy of one of the nuttiest Brooklyn-ite pop cassettes of the year.


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