Spool’s Out Radio #121: One-two-one

For our 121st episode it’s back-2-back, one-on-one, b2b tape hits, featuring favourites from my ever growing tape collection. I recently moved flat, having to shift most of my tapes in one big go – and it’s getting out of hand. I’ll be spending a few shows in the next few months going back through the unloved classic tapes from the last few years we’ve failed to give enough air time…

email // tristan@spools-out.com
tweet // @SplsOut

  1. CcMount Mound (Embalming Lately)
  2. Darren KeenArigato (Orange Milk)
  3. DJ Power RoofingPiscatorial Perils 9Shit Mix) (Structured Disasters)
  4. dtub16-Bit Funk Machine (Fractal Meat Cuts)
  5. Günter Schlienzpresentation two – tape echo & modular synthesizer (SicSic Tapes)
  6. Nate Scheibleour doubts are traitors (ACR)
  7. rkssRim (Ceramics)
  8. Adam AsnanCarrier I (Mappa)
  9. EntrancerVI (Obsolete Future)
  10. LustanaSo Easy (Never Anything Records)
  11. Signor Benedick the MoorMouth of the Beast (acoustic) (Deathbomb Arc)
  12. tomppabeatsrainy mood
  13. Jeff T Byrdlift (Tombed Visions)
  14. MoonwoodCosmic Ghosts (Arachnidiscs)
  15. Ilia Belorukov & Taneli ViitahuhtaBetween Consenting Adults (Cabin Floor Esoterica)
  16. SDFDancefloor Baby 17 (Psykick Dancehall Recordings)
  17. ChannelingBluffs (Polar Seas Recordings)

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