LISTEN: Erm & Nickname

November 12th sees the official release of one of the biggest projects yet from Brighton’s magnificent Third Kind Records.

Erm & Nickname‘s self-titled album is a follow up to 2015’s well received debut Woodland Ritual on Arachnidiscs. Released on double cassette (as well as CD), the package comes in a printed box with booklet, and sprawls over the 100 minute mark. Tape 1 contains the duo’s 70’s psychedelia- and folk-influenced set of tunes recorded in glorious lo-fi, whilst the second tape contains various reinterpretations by friends including Amulets, Babel and Third Kind labelmates Reflex Condition and Fisty Kendal. Check out an exclusive first listen to the full, sunshiney, beautiful beast below…

Erm, aka Andrew Newnham, has made a couple of notable compilation appearances (on Woodland Recordings and Third Kind), whilst Nickname is a nom de plume of relentlessly prolific Third Kind founder Nicholas Langley.  Being a songwriting project, Erm & Nickname uses a lot more acoustic instruments than Langley’s usual pallet,  featuring guest flute melodies contributed by Louise Redfern.




These acid ballads and woodland jigs force the Incredible String Band and Syd Barrett through a busy prism, colliding a vast array of ideas across every track.

“Most of the songs started as jams,” explains Langley. “Then Erm would write lyrics and fill out into songs and I’d have them back for overdubs and ‘post-production’.” The result is a manic mix of ferocious folky beauty, and cosmic post-production. Fans of Grumbling Fur take note.

As a bonus you can check out this nifty ‘mood board’ playlist the two used for the project…


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