Spool’s Out Radio #122: Alocasia Garden

This week’s episode features a guest mix by prolific UK-based purveyor of dark noises and bleak experiments: Alocasia Garden.

email // tristan@spools-out.com
tweet // @SplsOut

Pre-mix: Alocasia Garden ‘Consumed by Struggle’ | Crow Versus Crow

1. Resistance ‘Actions‘ | Strange Rules
2. Admitting Defeat ‘Fight The Future‘ | Casement Exchange
3. Modern City ‘A Double Life‘ | Holy Geometry
4. Movement Four ‘Worlds Apart‘ | Self Release
5. Resilience ‘Wall of Glass‘ | Audio Visual Atmosphere
6. The Stencilled Walls ‘Portraits of Earth‘ | Sacred Tapes
7. Conserve ‘Divorce‘ | Audio Visual Atmosphere

Post-mix: Jon Porras ‘Generative Counterpoint’ | Geographic North


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