Spool’s Out Radio #123: Leaaves

Leaaves is the prolific ambient project of NYC-based Nate Wagner. He’s just released his fifth tape of the year via our buddies ACR, and has previously appeared on the likes of Audio. Visuals. Atmosphere., Phinery, A Giant Fern, Tymbal Tapes and others. This week, Leaaves has put together a mix of recent faves, some of his own music, plus more inspirations and adorations. Close your eyes and chill.

email // tristan@spools-out.com
tweet // @SplsOut

Intro Music: Leaaves – I Look

  1. Leaaves – Over
  2. Water Wingz – speklo
  3. CEP – Missed Exit
  4. Natbird – Coil
  5. Boliden – Tailings
  6. Ricky Eat Acid – In rural virginia; watching glowing lights crawl from the dark corners of the room
  7. Emily Yacina – A Curse
  8. Benjamin Mauch – Promising, Keeping.
  9. Seth Frightening – I Believe You (When You Say You’ll Stay the Same)
  10. Lonesome Blood – Bedhead
  11. Moon Diagrams – Omegaplex
  12. The Remote Viewer – You’re Going to Love our Defeatist Attitude
  13. Venn Rain – Held Meld (excerpt)
  14. Alex DeGrassi – McCormick
  15. Slowdive – So Tired
  16. Leaaves – racecar driver, drive me a racecar!

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