Spool’s Out Radio #125: Maymind

This week we’ve got Minority Consensus, a new mix from DJ and producer Maymind, showcasing ambient freefalls rubbing shoulders with dubby atmospherics—plus a number of unreleased productions from Maymind himself. It’s at once a nod to the influences that shaped the sublime twists and turns of Illumina, his most recent full length for Mexico City’s Umor Rex, and a hint at what is in store on future releases.

The mix was recorded in one live take, making heavy use of the analog filters on the Allen & Heath Xone:62 and a trusty Quadraverb effects unit…

email // tristan@spools-out.com
tweet // @SplsOut

LinkwoodOutside In
Gifted and BlessedMy Craft My Work
Max DInspo (Ambient Mix)
Maymind – October Chords, Reflected
DJ RichardNighthawk
DJ SotofettSpace Dub
Maymind – Microaggression
Maymind – Makeshift, Vox for Now
Chick CoreaCrystal Silence
Maymind – Till the Rushes Overhead
Susuma YokotaKinoko
maymind – monologue’s last goodbye



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