Spool’s Out Radio #128: Where Do They Go

This week’s episode of Spool’s Out features cassette-tape-released ambient tones and free-jazz skronk, interspersed with oddball noise, gross gurgling, Dale Cornish chattering, plus plenty more surprises…

email // tristan@spools-out.com
tweet // @SplsOut

  1. Uio LoiTemplate_3 (videogamemusic)
  2. GrønAzure Blue Sky (Norelco Mori)
  3. HaramRemember What is Gone and What Will Pass Again and Again
  4. Strict NurseBed Pisser (Vatican Analog)
  5. Kinlawd.3 Hash (No Corner)
  6. Celer + Forest ManagementHotel Mona Lisa (Constellation Tatsu)
  7. FischerleToxic Beard (Pointless Geometry)
  8. Dale CornishStraw Camel Back (Vanity Publishing)
  9. Mathias DelplanqueTU (Crónica)
  10. C’est La Key – Mortal Mannequin (Never Anything)
  11. HakobuneII (Constellation Tatsu)
  12. The EargoggleWhere Do They Go (Very Special Recordings)
  13. Sloth RacketCrossed Swords (Norwich) (Tombed Visions)

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