Spool’s Out Radio #129: Comb Among Ooze

As 2018 whirrs to a start, a handful of tapes and labels are already blowing my puny mind. There’s Crevice, the new Cork-based trio on Fort Evil Fruit crafting the lushest darkwave imaginable. Then there’s Paul Marshall’s grinding train journey music issued on Dale Cornish’s new Vanity Publishing imprint. Then there’s the latest beat tape by Warsaw producer Fischerle, issued on Pointless Geometry and dripping with psychedelic colours. There’s too much good music getting released on cassette tape dammit! But either way, here’s a little slice of it…

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  1. Crevice – Anchorless (Fort Evil Fruit)
  2. Fischerle – Ooz’ (Pointless Geometry)
  3. Fischerle – Comb Among Thieves (Pointless Geometry)
  4. Night Cleaner – Solids (No Tint) (Georgraphic North)
  5. Philip Marshall – Monospace (Vanity Publishing)
  6. Mikrovolt – Perpetuum Mobile (Umor Rex)
  7. death’s dynamic shroud – Life Should Be Easy (Orange Milk)
  8. Raising Holy Sparks – We Are All Cosmic Couriers (Eiderdown Records)
  9. Ivy Nostrum – When It’s Sunny, We Sit Outside, Pt. 5
  10. Nicolas Gaunin – Arohiohi (Artetetra)
  11. Magthea – Magthea and Insanity (Extract) (Contort Yourself)

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