Spool’s Out Radio #130: Vatican Analog

Founded in Tilburg in 2006, Vatican Analog is a multiformat label aiming “to gather, produce and spread a fine taste of experimental sounds worth experiencing by expanding its catalog and invading venues.

Straddling a wide array of experimental musics, Vatican Analog is eclectic and boundary pushing in its releases, issuing not only tapes, but posters, CD-Rs and all sorts. A recent release by young Dutch noise artist Strict Nurse has been a personal favourite. With that in mind, Vatican Analog made us a guest mix, to demonstrate just what it is they’re all about…

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email // tristan@spools-out.com
tweet // @SplsOut

  1. Odd Narrative (Hainbach​ & Wouter Jaspers) – Boddinstrasse Blau
  2. Strict Nurse – Buck The Fuck Up
  3. Barely Sustaining – Conceptual Abstraction
  4. Vincent Koreman – Skidaddle
  5. Carl Kruger & staplerfahrer – Untitled #1
  6. Dubputer – Requiem For Reeltape
  7. THU20 – Djan Rmx
  8. Jos Smolders – Admonition (For Steven Stapleton)
  9. Preliminary Saturation – A2

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