Spool’s Out Radio #131: Haram

The Haram project might be summed best up by contributing Egyptian Lawyer Mohammed who in “Mohammed’s Lament” discusses the concept of Haram and how it is Haram to bully, belittle or torment others. Haram is a shadowy musical discourse on the displacement of people, and the seemingly inevitable global move towards authoritarianism. It is the soundtrack to those of us living in and living through these murky and uncertain times.

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muslimgauze -port said ep
haram tapes – haram lists
muslimgauze – algiers and karachi
haram tapes – veils
muslimgauze – mullah said
haram tapes – veils lifted
haram tapes – marrakech house of images
unknown edit
cabaret voltaire – just fascination
manicured noise – dreams money can buy
depeche mode – black celebration
haram tapes – mohammed’s reflection


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