Spool’s Out Radio #132: Reserve Matinee

A brand new label/collective from Uptown Chicago by the name of Reserve Matinee just announced their first batch of four tapes, aiming to trade in “outside-the-club, left-field, noise, ambient, and other live improvised sound art from around the world”.

In celebration, they three artists behind the label—John Daniel (aka Forest Management) Michael Stumpf, and Jon Macintosh (aka Plains Druid)—recorded this week’s guest mix at Stumpf’s Chicago apartment, going back to back, and featuring label releases in the first 20 mins.

Head to reservematinee.bandcamp.com to find out more about the four current releases and keep your eyes out for a purported 26 more aimed for 2018!!

ALSO, RESONANCE FM NEEDS YOU. If you wish to contribute to the Resonance FM fundraiser now on, then visit fundraiser.resonance.fm

email // tristan@spools-out.com
tweet // @SplsOut


(John Daniel)
Traag – Play Atlantis
Zone Farmer – Glean
Hollywood Genocide – Nylon and Suspenders
SuRAH – Remnants
Traag – Beat of Monte Carlo
Jay Peppers – The Gold Coast
Zone Farmer – Seeker
body of water – Plateau

(Jon Macintosh)
Proud Father – Creation 2
Zone Farmer – Kidder
Theo Parrish – Lost Angel
In Secure Models – Kenmore 2 Dover
Zone Farmer – ( – )
Proud Father – The Light That Guides Through Falling Missiles
Stevie Nicks – The Dealer Drum Machine Demo
Fleetwood Mac – Landslide (Tusk Tour Rehearsals)

(Michael Stumpf)
ulla straus – Air
Naemi – hum2
Network Glass – 03ph
Rubén Patiño – _grrr
Iku – Presence
Gunther Valentine – Music for the Anthropocene [Excerpt from Side A]
Spiiltek – Blush Tape
AHC – Inter1_exp
Aclds – KfMnCrn Swl
In Secure Models – Finesse
Uon – kissing


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