Spool’s Out Radio #133: Glorious Mess

Drones and soft waves of beauty define most of the music on this week’s cassette tape release roundup, including new gear from synthesist Byron Westbrook, Brianna Kelly’s stacked voices, a new track by ambient master Rafael Anton Irisarri, plus plenty more.

email // tristan@spools-out.com
tweet // @SplsOut


SIDCA – Outside Shite (Sharted Jeggings)
Rafael Anton Irisarri – Every Scene Fades (Geographic North)
chik white – exercise (Chocolate Monk)
Forces – As Long As Skies Are Blue (Genot Centre)
Maharadja Sweets – Infinite Potential (Oxtail Recordings)
Sansibar – Ecco (Altered States Tapes)
Anthony Donovan + JOHN 3:16 – Brittle Clue (Cruel Nature)
Eve Essex – Here Appear (Soap Library)
ESPRIT 空想 – Ballad4 (Doom Trip Records)
Interbella – Exotix (Doom Trip Records)
Kyle & Wilbur – The Third Treasure (Third Kind Records)
Brianna Kelly – When You See It (Whited Sepulchre)
Byron Westbrook – Glorious Mess (Umor Rex)



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