Spool’s Out Radio #134: Byron Westbrook

Byron Westbrook creates electronic music influenced by architecture and visual elements, ebbing and shifting in patterns that flare up the mind’s eye. His latest set of textured drones, modular melodies, and synthetic thuds—Confluence Patterns—just came out via Umor Rex, and to celebrate he’s contributed a tape mix. “I tried to aim for a fairly eclectic approach/range, keeping with how I organized my Umor Rex tape,” Byron says.

email // tristan@spools-out.com
tweet // @SplsOut


$3.33 – DRAFT+ (Leaving Records)
Nebulo – HALLO 1843 (Phinery)
Lee Noble – Pearl Divers (Patient Sounds)
Olivia Block – Aberration of Light (excerpt) (NNA Tapes)
Matt Marble – Leftwich Sunshower (self-released)
Celer + Forest Management – Hotel Mona Lisa (Constellation Tatsu)
Jacober – Weather (Geographic North)
The ears on the trees – Daily Routine (Constellation Tatsu)
Alexandre Bazin – Runaway (Umor Rex)
Energy Star – Hi-Nrg (excerpt) (Perfect Wave)
LogarDecay – To be kind (Umor Rex)



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