LISTEN: Wrong Dials and his New Sex Friend

Under his Wrong Dials moniker, Polish DJ and producer Mateusz Rosinski joins the Genot Centre roster with his new tape—and best named release of the year (thus far)—Hello Brightness My New Sex Friend. It’s a long form deconstruction of noise into beauty, Rosinski disseminating raw shards of static gradually into a lush dreamscape. Check out an exclusive first listen below…

Hailing from the Gorzów Wielkopolski in Western Poland, Rosinski is also involved in the stellar Dym Records and Dym Festival, both based in his hometown. Previous Wrong Dials releases also appeared via Warsaw tape gods Pointless Geometry and Audile SnowHello Brightness My New Sex Friend is both his most delicate and most brutal work yet; here’s what Genot Centre have to say about the tape:


It starts with something that emerges out of nothing, when figure-ground illusions become sonorous as hiss and static leak out, reform and are no longer a part of the background hum; we hear frantic machine operations but to what ends? There are fluttering thriftshop-sourced voice snippets, like warbled whispering straight from a rain-soaked field cassette.

It’s as if something is trying to frantically squeeze through something by all means available, like someone’s blowing with full but futile lung capacity to make a thick balloon blow up and self-destruct instantly. Here, swelling tones don’t just saturate themselves into overdrive, but they seem to make invisible objects resonate in metallic excitation, revealing a messy experimentation chamber full of rattling surfaces, vibrating coins and throbbing glass.

Imagine the sound of a cluttered pedal board falling down the stairs recording itself. The maxed out rhythms eternally shift into new configurations of mechanical sputters, squeaks and scratches, scrape like sandpaper, sometimes dissolving into a slow aquatic drum beat until the fog pulls away and the full spectrum oversaturation is revealed once again.


The edition of 55 C44 tapes can be bought here at Genot Centre, and Wrong Dials’ touring schedule is best scope via his soundcloud page here.


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