Spool’s Out Radio #137: Wishes & Threats

This week’s show is a no-nonsense mix of recent and new tape releases, including warbly synth beauty, haunted blues, kraut-jazz, concrete collage, and Dale Cornish.

email // tristan@spools-out.com
tweet // @SplsOut

Larry Wish – Never (Star Track) (Field Hymns)
CLNK – Clouds Again (Listen2me)
Myako – Spider Monkey (Nona)
Dntel – Toy Pudding (Doom Trip Records)
Eye Make The Horizon – Instant Flash (Eggs In Aspic)
Argon – Van der Val Zyl (Tymbal Tapes)
Ana Threat – The Rat (House Publication)
The Ah – Slight Beams (NNA Tapes)
Bredbeddle – Feely (Fractal Meat)
The Shna – Sounds of the Indifferent Evilness (Kitchen Leg Records)
Dead Lincoln – Tired Tone (zamzamrec)
brawny lad – Radio excerpts, Yogyakarta
Doomed Nudes – The Neverending Restaurant (Music from The Dark Outside)
Dale Cornish – Beacon (Midnight Circles)


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