Spool’s Out Radio #138: Graintable

Graintable is the nom de plume of Portlandian producer James Cooke; an ‘omnivorous’ project that’s thus far taken on “everything from new age-y house to instrumental hip-hop and UK techno”. His latest tape, Herons, was inspired by the acquisition of a Roland Juno-106, leading Cooke to focus on late-night one-take ambient hardware jams, bursting with pure and simple melodies and lush synth colouring. Herons is out via Ransom Note Records, and Graintable’s put together a beautiful mix in celebration, opening up with that Brian Eno and Kevin Shields thing they did. What more could you want?

email // tristan@spools-out.com
tweet // @SplsOut

Brian Eno with Kevin Shields — Only Once Away My Son — The Weight of History / Only Once Away My Son
Vanessa Amara — Of Hoping — Manos
S.O.N.S. — Oblivion Sun — Shin-Okubo One Night Stand
Dario Zenker — Trivin — Trivin Fields
Mokira — Octa Octaves — Chill Out
René Najera — Waiting For Nothing — Dream Fields
Christina Vantzou — Some Limited and Waning Memory — No. 4
DJ Healer — Hopes And Fears — Nothing 2 Loose

Outro: Zherbin — Аску – Везде


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