LISTEN: Foundling rebrands as Power Therapy

Power Therapy is the new nom de plume for Jonathan George Fox, a British electronics bod who’s previously worked under the name Foundling, releasing tapes via London’s videogamemusic and Bratislava’s Proto Sites. His debut as Power Therapy (issued via Spool’s Out faves ACR) shows Fox’s music heading into heavier ambient corners, encumbered with larger swells of emotion than before. Here’s a preview of the debut tape, Warmth For Bad Skaters:


According to ACR, it’s “an ode to unspoken interactions, constant audio distractions and his former home in North London. The album, while thematically heavy, feels warm and unobtrusive, fluctuating between welcoming moments of ambience and more experimental textures, even shoegaze.”

Power Therapy also has some upcoming live dates in Europe:

1st June — FUGA, Bratislava
2nd June — Punctum, Prague
3rd June — Noiseberg, Berlin

Portrait of Power Therapy as a young man

Saxophone is notably added to Fox’s army of instrumentation here, blaring over opening track ‘Inside Inside Inside Inside’ like Bowie’s iconically plaintive sax on mythical instrumental ‘Neuköln’. Elsewhere punctured noises dominate the foreground as melodies crawl out of sonic gunk (‘Neew Plink’) and soulful piano gets dissected into decaying lo-fi poetry (‘The Worst Day Of My Life’). It’s the typically multifaceted sound world we came to expect from Foundling, but deepened and matured into something increasingly idiosyncratic while remaining thoroughly listenable.Warmth For Bad Skaters is instrumental ballads sent back from the near-future of ambience and experimental electronics. Get on board.

Here is some of his old music

Here is his personal website

Here is ACR, where you can buy the new tape.


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