LISTEN: Gwilly Edmondez makes unquestioningly

For four decades Newcastle-based  Gwilly Edmondez (the dad half of daddy-daughter duo Yeah You) has been creating radical improvised wild pop. Beginning life as a solo offshoot from 80s band Radioactive Sparrow — a nutty teenage project from Bridgend — ‘character project’ Gwilly progressed from ‘unwritten rock’ to the samples, tapes, and vocals that have dominated his practice in more recent years.  Well…I use the word ‘practice’, but that’s way too academic a term. Gwilly Edmondez’s music is the opposite of academic. It’s a spontaneous mongrel of hip-hop, black metal, and power ballads. It’s an incomparably impulsive onslaught of ideas. It’s the subconscious sonified into a decades-running radio station mix. It’s noisy as fuck and it’s completely mental.


Slip have got it together to issue a double cassette retrospective on the Godfather of wild pop (including some fresh new music) looking back on the Gwilly’s private press career. Artwork by Gwilly himself too – just look at that beautiful double tape pack above… Anyway, here’s an exclusive listen to the first side of a retrospective mixtape comprising: “cherry picks from hundreds upon hundreds of hours of psychoanalysis through pop waste, performed by Gwilly upon himself since the founding of his ’80s outfit Radioactive Sparrow.” 


Alongside the C60, Gwilly Edmondez: A Retrospective Mixtape Made Questionably & Unquestioningly by Himself, is the C30 Trouble Number. Gwilly Explains: “the C30 album, was made on Newcastle’s hottest day in 2017, in an upstairs room in Heaton, recorded by Dario Lozano Thornton with Schoeps MK2/MK8 pair to Sonodore preamps in one take subsequently edited and disorganized by Dario.” It’s an apt summary of Gwilly’s MO, working quickly and roughly, recording in living rooms, cars, outdoors, in car parks, and elsewhere.


Here is an interview I did with Yeah You (Gwilly’s duo project with his daughter Elvin Brandhi) back in 2016 for The Quietus.

Here is a new Yeah You tape, co-released by Opal Tapes and Slip.

Here is where you can buy the full Gwilly retrospective Trouble Number via Slip.


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