Spool’s Out Radio #143: Cyberian

Cyberian is the artists name of Bulgarian electronic musician Stefan Bachvarov. Released via Amek Collective, his latest cassette Limerance is a deep personal journey into delicately crafted textures and nuanced sonics. In lieu of Limerance‘s release, Bachvarov has put together this mix of music for us, including plenty of his own unreleased material, plus some other influences and buddies like Croatian Amor, Varg, Mytrip, and others… (Opening the show is a track by Nima Aghiani from his new tape, REMS)

email // tristan@spools-out.com
tweet // @SplsOut

Pre-play: Nima Aghiani – Qamyn

Cyberian – Arrival Interlude
Cyberian – Sanctuary of Pan
Cyberian – Seasons of Grief
Kid Smpl – Damaged Remix
Croatian Amor & Varg – Shadows Show Violet
Protective – Relentless
Cyberian – Perseverance
Close2me – SS strechd edit
Cyberian – Stigmata
Mytrip – Relentless
Cyberian – Dragons of eden (ft. Kanz)
Cyberian – Found mountain
LESNIK – Кръжок по песни
Cyberian – Forest law
Kanz – Eden`s whales



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