WATCH: Analogue Video Synthesis from Long Distance Poison

In a marketplace awash  with kosmische synth music, Nathan Cearley and Erica Bradbury – aka Long Distance Poison – manage to stand out. Suitably, Hausu Mountain is thus birthing their latest cassette tape Knock Magh, following releases with the likes of Ecstatic Peace and Constellation Tatsu. Check out an exclusive peek at some mind-expanding psychedelic video synthesised visuals created by Cearley for the blissful/wistful ten minute beauty, ‘Qllow’:



The Brooklyn duo’s astonishing synth sessions typically ride a compelling narrative arc. ‘Qllow’ is no exception, shifting from lush drift to minor key unease, and finally a demonic bonfire of cursed arpeggios. The music goes beyond mere meditative drone or emphatically cosmic space music, expressing emotive tales and entire miniature universes… to my ears at least. Knock Magh can and should be checked out (and ordered) in its entirety over on Hausu Mountain – so get your hiking boots on.



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