Spool’s Out Radio #146: Abby Lee Tee

We’re BACK from a lengthy summer break, and my my it’s been busy. In honour of his new upcoming czaszka (rec.) tape, Austrian sound artist Abby Lee Tee has compiled a guest  mix taking up the second half of today’s show. Before that though, I run you through a couple of recent and upcoming highlights, including fresh acid techno from T-F-T, nut job storytelling by duo Budokan Boys, muddy beats from Klon Dump, plus more.

email // tristan@spools-out.com
tweet // @SplsOut

  1. Budokan BoysOld Man Jones (Tymbal Tapes)
  2. PanchasilaRunapayka (Sucata Tapes)
  3. Suko Pyramid and moduS ponYCallus Face (Strategic Tape Reserve)
  4. T-F-TS.M.K
  5. Klon DumpNight Nurse (Young Echo)
  6. Sone InstituteGod Bless You (Front & Follow)

Abby Lee Tee’s “Imaginary Friends I” mix

01 sequences – untitled
02 coppice – fake memories object (antecedent)
03 red brut – kook-end
04 dim grimm – s`zeigtübercho suite
05 sonia levy – kaldfjord
06 dorian concept – dishwater
07 nina simone – baltimore=
08 church andrews – CA4
09 dorian concept – self similarity
10 dj rhettmatic – live from planet gamalon (abby`s scratch break)
11 grouphums – weathered side A
12 lootpack – loopdigga (instrumental)
13 dudley perkins – falling
14 serb – topit
15 drumbreak #46
16 abby lee tee – simulacrum III (imaginary friends I)
17 mt accord – postcards from a dream II
18 mischmeister m – turbulence
19 ben frost – eurydice`s heel
20 space – ballad for space lovers
21 abby lee tee – simulacrum XIII (imaginary friends I)
22 pascäal – konishi polis
23 juergen vonbank – church of churchen
24 masayoshi fujita – book of life
25 voices of birds in the nature – pt5 b10
26 illum sphere – one letter from death
27 enchanted lands – notable cacti owner
28 carlos y gaby – sugar flowers
29 mad rider – rht


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