Spool’s Out Radio #150: German Army

Insatiably active since 2011, California’s mysterious German Army have been on the show before. Last time we asked “What is German Army?”. This time, we find out where it is going, with a full episode dedicated to unreleased recordings by the indefinable industrial ambient psychedelic dark pop project!

email // tristan@spools-out.com
tweet // @SplsOut

1. Venture Into Heavens
2. Obligations of a Prophet
3. A Ditch Filled With Rubble
4. Vaishno Das Bagai
5. First Contact
6. Gathering Collections
7. Altered Surroundings
8. Match-Guaycuru
9. Nisa-Anasi
10. Purchased The Commons
11. Marble Collector
12. Information Flow
13. Luisi
14. On The Fringes
15. Bogotazo
16. Year of Solitude
17. Tupamaros
18. Sustainability of Opposites
19. El Mozote
20. Sandinista
21. Wuch Urgunt
22. Oto-Manguean


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