Spool’s Out Radio #151: Halloween Mixtape

An’ darklins grapit for the bauks,
And in the blue-clue throws then,
Right fear’t that night.

It’s Halloween! So here’s some suitable creepy tunes from the Spool’s Out tape library to soundtrack your scares!!

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  1. Erm & Charlotte – They Came From The Sky (Third Kind Records)
  2. Extnddntwrk – Death By (Fort Evil Fruit)
  3. Crevice – Sludge Gore (Fort Evil Fruit)
  4. Colin Potter – More Murder (ICR)
  5. Algiers – Our Collective Spirit is a Hammer to Crush the Oppressors’ Skulls (Geographic North)
  6. Fuzzy Hell – July Song (Sofia Records)
  7. Headlights  – B4 (words by Antonin Artaud) (unifactor)
  8. Danny Clay & Greg Gorlen – Birch III (Midnight Circles)
  9. Mala Herba – Kupały (Transformer)
  10. Art of the Memory Palace – Night Decelerating (Horror Pop Sounds)
  11. Fixity – The Things In The Room (Kantcope)
  12. Olm – 10 Hours Best Relaxing Music For Stress, Health, Sleep, Dream, Love (Grey Matters Productions)
  14. Jeff T ByrdSpiders (Tombed Visions)
  15. PolyporesFloating Sphere (Concréte Tapes)
  16. Excerpt from Cross Free Church SE411 B
  17. Stefano Leproto – Theme from Black Pyramid (Concréte Tapes)

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